Things in my Wishlist right now!

Hey guys! How you doing?

Today I wanted to share some of the new things which I’ve added to my already super long wishlist. In hopes that I might get free stuff if my blog grows?๐Ÿ˜‚ That is if I am consistent! Fingers crossed

Anyhoo here are the things which won’t let me sleep at night and are resting in my cart.

1. Solid Sweater from Roadster

I am huge fan of oversized sweaters and sweatshirts. And this sweater looks simple yet look cute on anyone who wears it.

2. Sheer floral dress from Athena

This dress is so pretty I could die.

3. Facial oil from Nykaa

To be honest, I’ve always felt that Nykaa original products were expensive. But this really caught my eye. Although I think I might find some alternative for this which could be much cheaper too.

4. Ankle length boots from Ajio:

5. Red Pumps from All about you:

This colour looks so bomb don’t you think? Definitely an eye catch. A pair of red pumps are always sexy

6. Ring from :

This girl is a sucker for rings. Not wearing rings makes me feel naked lol. Ya get me?

7. Mettle Matte lipstick from Sugar:

This lipstick is so cute :’) I mean I don’t even care about the shade, the packaging itself is so pretty! Ohmygod.

So this was me ranting about the things I want to buy but can’t </3

Someone sponsor me:’)

Haha anyways, Thanks for reading!

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx

Let’s be friends!




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