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Things that make me happy

Hello my loves, you might be wondering what good can it be  to see a list of random things that make some random stranger on the internet happy, but what good is the internet if it doesn’t provide us inspiration from any little thing?

You would think that by now we might get used to the idea of sitting at our homes but honestly, it is exhausting!

So here’s a list of things that make me happy or atleast lift my spirits! And I do hope that you find inspiration from this! Oh and also, do let me know what makes you the most happy in the comments below!

   • Coffee! I could die for coffee! actually no I would die without coffee. This magical drink always manages to lift my spirits up thank god!
   • Sheet masks! I love sheet masks! There’s nothing more calming than putting on a sheet mask and just chill. Even if it’s just for fifteen or so minutes, you can stop and relax yourself and get clarity or even put on your earphones and groove to your favourite songs.
   • Reading: Well I’m a book lover and enjoy reading at my own pace.
   • Dressing up and feeling cute and all that shit
   • Or, dressing down and not worrying about how I look and feeling Flawsome! ( See what I did there?)
   • Listening to upbeat music, oh and more importantly what our me ina really happy mood is listening to old songs which you loved before and basking in nostalgia.
   • Editing : I am definitely not a pro, but recently I tried my hand at making instagram reels. At first it really was frustrating to edit a video perfectly with all the transitions and the music to fit with each other (Mad respect to influencers who upload frequently) but I do play with different filters and it got fun!
(Shooting a video on the other hand is a real pain in the ass!)
   • Pinterest : However could pinterest disappoint anyone?
   • Going through fandom specific memes
   • Taking pictures and updating your custom/ private stories with friends!
   • Skincare routine : Coming from a lazy person, I enjoy following a routine. But of course my routine is very minimal. I only use things which are absolutely necessary for the skin and nothing outside the box. By the way, if you are looking for minimal skincare, click here to read the post I made. Or better yet, click here to watch the video.
   • Writing in a journal : Definitely worth trying if you don’t already. Really sets a clear perspective.
   • Flipping through my old journal entries : Especially the ones where I’ve written by happy memories.
   • Going through old photographs
   • Talking to my friends : They somehow always know exactly what to say to make you happy.
   • Binge watching my favourite tv show.

So these were a few things which I instantly go to whenever I feel down.
As always,
Thank you for reading!❤️
Comment below what makes you happy!

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My Go-to Lipstick Shades

Hello loves! It’s been awhile since I blogged. I have been actually been focusing a little more on growing my blog on Instagram. I tried my hand at reels and had fun with the content making and the editing!

If you want to check out my reels, click here!

Okay so moving on with the post at hand, I’m going to talk about some of my “go-to” lipstick shades, which are also perfect for brown to medium brown skin tones! All the swatches can be found at the end of the post!

• Lakme 9 to 5 : Rosy Sunday

Lakme 9 to 5 Rosy Sunday

• A very pretty pink with a hint of nude shade.

• Maybelline color show: Earthly Plum

Maybelline lipsticks

• Has a purplish + nude tone
• Not long lasting

• Transfers very easily

• Lakme enrich matte lipstick: PMRM15

Lakme enrich matte lipstick

• Brown+ nude shade
• Lasts for about 2-3 hours

• Does not transfer that easily

• Maybelline color sensational: Nude Nuance

Maybelline color sensational Nude Nuance

• My absolute favourite!

• Brown+ nude shade
• Lasts long

• There are not a lot of brown+ nude shades for indian skin tones. They’re always too brown! But this shade is absolute perfection!

All of the shades mentioned are budget friendly.

Hope you liked this post!

Thanks for reading!❤️

Until then,

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Beauty, Reviews

Pond’s Light Moisturizer

This is your sign to moisturize 😌✨

This is a very small review on a product I have been loving a lot recently! Check out my Instagram where I post more such content!

Never have I ever liked a moisturizer as much as I like this one. Let me talk you through!

▪️Easily absorbs into the skin
▪️Feels soft on the skin
▪️Very light
▪️Hydrates my dry skin very well
▪️Smells great and lasts for quite sometime
▪️Has a matte glow-y finish!

I absolutely LOVE this moisturizer! It definitely is a boon for dry skin types. What I really love is the matte finish that comes from the application. It’s matte and yet it doesn’t dry up my skin. How awesome is that?!
It would work well for oily skin types too considering how well it gets absorbed into the skin. But keep in mind to prefer gel based products over creamy consistency if your skin is oily.


•₹230 for 150 ml (The price keeps varying though)

As always,

Thank you for reading! ❤️

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Beauty, Reviews

BBlunt Heat Protection Spray – Review

I have always been the type of girl who says to herself “I don’t need to straighten my hair to look pretty” but 45 minutes later my 2c curls are tamed to straight hair!
I have been subjecting my hair to heat for about 7-8 years now and I regret not having used a heat protectant before. Yeah I know, foolish of me.
But recently I got my hands on BBlunt hair protection spray and I have seen the difference it does!

BBlunt heat protection spray

However I would like to point out that heat protectants only work 50% and never a complete 100%
So here’s my experience and review of this product


₹500 for 150ml. At the time I purchased this there was a sale going on, so it costed me around 450₹


Comes in this sort of triangular shaped bottle.

BBlunt heat protection spray

My experience:

The very first thing you notice as soon as you spray it is the smell. It has such a pleasant and sweet smell, which I totally love! However I must say that it does not linger on the hair as much as you would expect it to.
After 3-4 seconds of spraying it, you can feel a little bit of stickiness on your hair. And the more wet your hair is the more sticky it gets. Nevertheless that stickiness fades away once you straighten/curl your hair.

The main difference that I noticed is that it didn’t break my hair as much as my hair did when I didn’t use any protection. Like whenever I don’t use heat protection, I can always see a lot of hair falling out whilst straightening itself! BBlunt definitely did reduce it for me. I wouldn’t say it stopped the hair fall completely, but it surely did stop a little of it.
And I think that’s more the reason for you to buy it! (This isn’t a sponsored post! Although I would love that hehe)


  • Stops the breaking of hair whole heating
  • Smells amazing


  • Feels sticky
  • A little bit expensive in my opinion for 150 ml

My ratings: 5/5

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Hope this helped!

As always, thank you for reading!❤️

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Lash sensational Mascara Or Hypercurl Mascara?

Hello there! Here’s a comparison of two products that no-one asked for. Today I’m going to tell you my verdict on which mascara I prefer the most. Maybelline mascaras are always top tier. However which one should you buy?

Lash sensational Mascara vs Hypercurl Mascara:


Lash sensational: ₹350
Hypercurl: ₹200


Lash sensational: Creamy consistency, longer time to dry

Hypercurl: It has a liquid-y consistency in comparison to lash sensational Mascara. This too takes a while to dry.

I personally feel like it makes my lashes look crisp. Hope that makes sense.
Lash sensational on the other hand makes my lashes look smoother.


Both the Mascaras are long lasting however Hypercurl lasts a tad but longer.


Lash sensational: You can see how there are small ones and larger ones which coats the lashes much more precisely in my opinion.

Hypercurl: Has the bristles of any normal average mascara.

Lash sensational Mascara review
Hypercurl Mascara review

Lengthening & Volume:

Lash sensational: Does a great job in curling and lengthening your lashes.

Hypercurl: Sways much more towards lengthening rather than curling. Tends to clump sometimes.

With all the differences laid out, I prefer the Lash sensational Mascara to be better. Especially the washable one. I’ve tried the waterproof version as well and it was a real pain in the ass while taking it off.

What is your favourite mascara? Let me know in the comments!

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Books, Rants and Reviews of

A Court of Thorns and Roses

This book revived my passion for reading! I was always an avid reader, for me it was always “just one more page” or “just one more chapter” until daylight broke and I had spent the entire night trying to figure out the plot of the book. And boy was that feeling amazing!
I don’t know how or when exactly I lost the “oomph” for reading but I did and I found it quite difficult to read a book for hours at stretch which was very easy to me 4 years ago. But I’m glad this book brought it back.
I enjoyed reading this book from the start to the end. Okay so here’s a summary of the book in my own words.

A court of thorns and roses by Sarah J. Maas

So basically, Feyre is a mortal who lives in poverty, she hunts for food to keep her family ( Father and two older sisters- who are total assholes by the way) alive. But she unknowingly kills a Faerie disguised as a wolf. And now she has to live the rest of her life in the Fae Kingdom. A life for a life.

My view:

The protagonist – Feyre, isn’t a damsel in distress. She never seems to follow one single instruction given to her. When the main character, ( Hero) Tamlin tells her to not do something she specifically does it and puts herself in some serious shit and has the audacity to get shocked, like what did you expect girl?

Tamlin who is a Fae High Lord, seems to be a pretty decent and a nice guy who loves and protects her (Don’t worry it’s not a spoiler!) And I liked him although he was kinda boring and bland.

The story itself was steady paced, slow at times but then in the last few chapters, the author literally poured all this information on top of us… Like it was too much to grasp. I would have maybe enjoyed it more if there were bits and pieces of information through out the chapters and not just three pages of information dump yard.

**Spoiler alert**
The part where Feyre had to go through those three trials was all too cliche for me. I mean she was a mortal who destroyed a giant worm with bones…. Y’all that was a little unrealistic. And don’t even get me started on the answer to that riddle! Just why? Why! “The answer to the riddle is…” The fact that Amarantha- Evil queen Amarantha would come up with such a riddle seemed completely out of character. It was too much of a cliche at the end and that’s what ruined the book for me.
Oh and the curse! How did someone carve out a spell so very specifically?? It literally went like “When a mortal with hatred for Faeries kills one and finds herself falling in love with a Fae, the kind of love which can only be proved by saying those three magic words at an auspicious time or the entire kingdom will slave and have their magic ripped away” Um.. Amarantha, did you really have to use this level of specifics? okay I may have exaggerated this part but this is how the curse was!

**End of spoiler**

Rhysand totally struck with me. I found him to be very interesting. (I liked him more than Feyre to be honest!) But then again, I always end up falling for the bad guys, so not a shocker

My rating: 3.5/5
Would I continue along with the series? Totally
Would I recommend this book? Definitely! It’s a good read save for some cliches.

I hadn’t realised the acotar fandom was huge! And I am so enjoying all the memes and tiktoks!

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That’s it for today’s post

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Moodboard- May 2021

Your girl is back with another post! (Talk about consistency huh? Lol)

Anyhooo, because last month was very unproductive and tiresome I’ve decided to lay low on goals for this month and just be consistent and go with the flow. So as to not stress myself out completely. This month I will also be appearing for my final exams of my final semester, so I would definitely not want to overload my planner with a long list of goals for this month.

That being said, here’s a moodboard for this month!

As always,

Thank you for reading!❤️

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Dear Diary

Monthly Favourites – April 2021.

Hello loves! With April coming to an end I thought of sharing a few of my favourites from this month. This month has been so exhausting from the previous ones. Both physically and mentally.
With May starting, I’m hoping to be more productive and more active.

Sheet Masks from Tony moly: ₹100
   This was the first time I had ever used masks from Tony moly and I loved them! What really caught my eye to be honest is the packaging. It’s not in the frame but I used pomegranate and hyaluronic acid masks, which was purchased under the “Buy 3 get 3 free” offer from Nykaa. Which is a pretty great offer if you ask me!

Cherry Blossom Face Scrub from Miniso: ₹160
   This again for me was a first time product. I liked it and it worked pretty good. But I don’t think I would buy it again. It smells great too and the granules aren’t too hard on the skin. Also what a pretty colour!

The crown:
   I’ve only just finished the first season but I’m so loving this show! I for one was already kinda sorta in love with the royal family, especially Princess Diana and now after watching this show I’m pretty much obsessed!

Big little lies booky by Liane Moriarty:
   Haven’t finished this book, but I’m loving it so far. It doesn’t have a boring start, at the same time there isn’t an increase in the plots as well. It has a steady pace. Apparently it’s filled with a lot of plot twists cannot wait to finish and review it!

That’s it for today’s post!

As always, thank you for reading ❤️

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Dear Diary

Everything I miss pre-pandemic.

Hey there! how you doing? Hope all is well. 2021 started out with things almost heading to the old normal, but then two months passed and then things got way worse. Especially in India. Cases are rising so rapidly here that it’s frightening.

I am writing this post to remind and reflect on the little things that we all did pre-pandemic which we must be missing right now. Hopefully this lightens the mood for atleast a few minutes while reading ❤️

Going Out:

The most obvious one of all. But I miss going out so much. Although I do come from a pretty conservative brown household and wasn’t always allowed to head out with friends (FML) I did go out at times and I really miss it.

Dressing up:

I LOVE dressing up! I find it super fun to put together an outfit, the accessories, the hair and the makeup! I dressed up ‘extra’ everyday to college, I liked standing out from the crowd just by the way I dressed. I am not trying to sound vain here lol. I guess you could say that I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to outfits but moving forward to my quarantined state- I legit wear only tees and sweatpants! Everyday! And it’s scary how “used to” I am to these comfy clothes that I am no longer willing to wear those outfits again.

Offline classes:

Cannot believe I’m actually saying this…but oh how I miss the normalcy of sitting in a classroom pretending to listen whilst actually zoning out. It’s literally the same thing in online classes too but you get what I mean right?

My friends:

I miss being able to see my friends everyday 😦 Although I am pretty grateful that my college re-opened for a short span of three months. I am a final year student so those three months were the last days of my college life. </3

Just basically the old normal:

Not having to wear a mask.

Not having to be paranoid everytime you go out.

Not having to sanitize yourself when you mistakenly touch any object at all.

And so much more!

But, keeping all these things aside it really comes down to us people to actually be aware and smart to not go out unless it’s necessary and when it is necessary to go out, mask up!

Hopefully things get better soon❤️

Those were a few of the things that I miss pre-pandemic, tell me what are some of the things that you miss.

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Thank you for reading!

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20 things I learned in 20 years.

Hello! I’m back again with a new post where I’m sharing with you guys 20 things I have learned in 20 years. Hopefully this inspires you!

1. Curb the overthinking
•Overthinking comes oh so naturally to me. Nothing good ever comes out of it. Really disturbs my peace of mind, although I’m still trying to overcome it, I must say I’ve gotten pretty good at being chill now!

2. Live in the moment
•Learning to live in the moment rather than stressing about what comes next was a huge turnover. It really makes you enjoy the little things

3. Take more pictures
•I am the kind of person that would want to take heaps of pictures so that I can look back on them and be happy. I honestly do not understand the kind of people that say “Don’t waste time on taking pictures, just live in the moment!” (Irony included lol)
Okay I hear you but I have like three brain cells and I forget things super fast so excuse me while I take pictures of everything!

4.Dress for myself
Honestly please don’t be that person who criticizes someone for their clothes and makes them change their entire dressing sense. It bothered me before when people commented about my clothes. But it doesn’t anymore. I approve of it and so I will wear it.

5. Trust the change
•Change is the only thing constant in your life. I’m a firm believer of “Everything happens for a reason”.

6. Accepting things as they are
•Trying to mend things which are broken or trying to find answers which aren’t there, is only going to make me keep wanting more. Accept things as they are.

7.Take care of yourself
•Enough said.

8. Stop caring about what others might think
•People will talk no matter what you do, so why not do whatever you like and be content?

9. Always have a Plan B
•Never hurts to have a back up plan!

10. Cutting out toxic people from your life
•Learn when to let them go. You don’t need closure or anything, if all they bring into your life is sadness and blame and toxicity, they need to leave. Even if you’ve put in a lot in that relationship, it doesn’t matter if they don’t reciprocate.

11. Sometimes you just have to have a good cry
•Enough said!

12. Be kind
•Won’t hurt you to be sweet to someone. You don’t know what they are going through.

13. Learn to say no
•Although a lesson yet to be mastered, I’m working on it. You shouldn’t be coaxed into doing something that you don’t like.

14. Go with the flow
•Two years ago I would NOT have imagined the life I am living in right now, the mindset that I have right now, or even the friends that I have now! Stop holding on too tight and let the universe make it happen.

15. But..also plan ahead
•Obsessive planner here! (Anyone else?) I like planning ahead to keep my mind in place. Staying organised helps me a lot.

16. You cannot please everyone

• Not everyone is going to like you, I know I tried. I let people walk all over me just to be in their good books. And that’s not cool.

17. The world can be an unfair place

18. Treat yourself once in awhile
•You deserve to be happy and find joy in the littlest things. Do what you love, take breaks, pamper yourself but treat yourself!

19. Invest your time in skin care
•Your skin will love you for years to come!

20. Love yourself
•Need I say more? Started loving myself first and putting myself first and it’s a great feeling!

And that’s about it for today!

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