Minimal Skincare (The only Skincare you actually need!)

Remember the good ol’ days when the only skincare we knew and used was a moisturizer, a sunscreen and petroleum jelly? Simpler times no? With so many products coming to light now, it can be quite overwhelming to choose what’s good for your skin and what are the ‘actual’ og products to use.

So I’m going to talk about the only skincare products that you need or ‘minimal skincare’ if you will.
Now these are the sole skincare products that I use in my everyday life.
Granted that everyone has their own unique skin type and needs. And you need to fulfill those needs to keep your skin healthy and happy and for that you need certain products which you have got to use.

But all of these opinions are my own and based on personal experience and hopefully gives you the idea of skincare products which are essential. If you’re a skincare junkie and love hoarding skincare products then you do you girl !(or boy!)

Skincare for beginners

1. Toner/ Cleanser:

Now the reason why I have grouped this together is because toners and cleansers have one purpose – to remove dirt from deep within. So yeah it’s pretty important to have this in your skincare routine.
Personally I love using toners. The one I use is a cucumber toner from Biotique. I have written a review of this product and if you want you can check it out here!
Usage: Everyday- if you go out or use makeup

2. Sunscreen:

Pretty obvious and I cannot stress how important a sunscreen is for you! And if you don’t own a sunscreen I’m going to assume that you’re a vampire.

Check out the review on Aroma magic’s sunblock lotion here!
Usage: Every time you go out in the sun.


Your skin needs to stay hydrated for it to be healthy. No one wants dry skin am I right? So always moisturize!
Usage: Whenever you feel your skin is dry or dull. But also every morning and night without fail!

Skincare for beginners

4. Face wash:

Obvious one. But yeah I had to include it.
Usage: Every damn day!

5. Lip balms:

Lips need the moisture too! I would ask you to use lip balms which have SPF in them.
Usage: Every time your lips feel dry or chapped.

6. Face/Body/Lip Scrubs:

It’s always good to exfoliate once in a while to remove the dead skin cells and just bring the bounce back to your skin. Scrubs also enhance blood circulation.
Usage: Twice for every week.

Lash serum:

Honestly this work wonders! I did speak about a lash serum on a blog post called how to: longer lashes. Do check it out here.
But basically it’s just castor oil and vitamin E capsule. Helps strengthen the lashes and stimulates growth.

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Hope this helped x

Thank you so much for reading!

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Lip Scrub from Puruessentials – Review

Lip scrubs are great exfoliators for your lips. They moisturize, hydrate and make lips plumper!
I recently got a chance to collaborate with a new up and coming brand on instagram called Puruessentials. They sent me lip scrub from their lip scrub range, in the flavour green tea. Now I have never heard of Green tea in lip scrub to be honest and I was excited to try it out! I used this lip scrub religiously this week and pretty happy with how it works!

Green tea lip scrub

Benefits of Green tea:
•Locks in moisture
•Treats chapped lips
•Reactivates the cells in lips.

The packaging:
I absolutely adore this cute lil container. I cannot get over little pretty things! And the fact that they use upcycled materials is a huge YES! I could definitely see myself using this container for future use instead of throwing it away.

My experience:

I use this scrub thrice a week. And it does lock in moisture. When my lips get moisturised, the chapped skin goes away.

Although, like most lip scrubs it does not have the “plumping” effect at all. Nor does it make my lips look pinker.
This works well for moisturising and treating chapped lips.

It contains all natural products and no parabens so that’s a plus point!
The granules of sugar are really small. I personally use like to use larger granules of sugar because I think they really help in scrubbing out the dead skin cells. All in all I think it’s a good product considering there’s nothing wrong or bad with it.

If you’re interested in purchasing you can check out their page here.
You could also use the code “Aainaaz10” to avail 10% of on their lip scrub range!

Rating: 4/5

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9 Healthy habits to follow

Who here can say that you haven’t been sulking your days away and not whining and complaining about how boring the days are passing by?

Well I for one can definitely say that this is how I am!

The thought of leading this boring routine everyday with nothing exciting to do really hit me and I tried being productive. By being productive, I mean studying and writing down blog posts and planning content. But neither did that bring joy nor did I have something fun to do for the remainder of time.

So I thought of making tiny changes to my everyday life that would ultimately lead to a healthy routine!

Here I am presenting to you a list (who doesn’t love lists?!) Of habits that I’m currently working on/following or atleast trying to!

1. Waking up Early:

I know I know, it’s pretty cliche and probably the hardest one to do in this list for me! But waking up early would actually give more time to get things done.

Think of it this way, why would you want to be asleep when you can be up and about and have more time to yourself?

Make a small change. Wake up 15-20 minutes earlier than your usual time. And then slowly take it up to an hour (or however longer you want) I’m currently pushing myself to wake up 30 minutes early and gosh how hard it is!

2. Write affirmations:

Affirmations It’s so important to have affirmations. Something positive that sets your mind on being inspired and motivated.

If writing affirmations is not your thing, you can always scroll through Pinterest for a bazillion different quotes and prompts and write them down in your journal.

3. Spend some time outside:

Ever since I’ve taken up gardening, I’m always spending my time in the terrace. Although I’m more of a “winter” person, spending time in the sun (not too much sun!) always cheers me up.

4. Eat healthy:

Yet another cliche! And the second most difficult thing in my list. I cannot for the life of me eat healthy! I just can’t. But now that I’m writing this…. Eat healthy kids!

5. Do what you love:

Spend atleast 30-40 minutes everyday doing what you love. Invest your time in doing your hobbies. Not only are you developing your skills but you also feel happy and content. What more do we want other than happiness?

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6. Cleaning?!

I should be the last person to preach about cleaning but since I’ve started following these habits, I’m trying to keep my room clean and organized. Having a clean workspace (in my case, my desk) is so important. When my desk is more clean and organized I feel like my mind and work gets organized too. Hope that made sense? But it works!

Make your bed, clean the room and your desk instead of piling up everything and tidying up at the end of the day. You will have one less thing to worry about before sleeping.

7. Create your daily routine:

Setting up a routine and sticking to it is always good. Not to be completely robotic though! You can always tweak your routine as you please. But having a routine would definitely make you more productive.

8. Plan out the next day:

Imagine this:

You’re all comfy in your bed, ready to fall asleep. But then your brain decides to make up 237 lists/ things to do! But you ignore it and sleep anyway only to wake up and not remember anything at all! I hate that feeling.

Bullet journal ideas

So I always like to plan out my day the night before so my brain can stop it’s brainstorming session and let me sleep in peace!

9. Give yourself a break:

While it’s healthy to follow a routine and get your life together, it is also crucial to give yourself some “me” time. Take a chill pill and watch your favourite movie or put on your sheet mask with music playing in the background!

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Hope this helped!

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How to Style Oversized Sweaters

Hello there! Today I’m going going to share with you guys a few ways how you can style an oversized sweater.

I always find oversized sweaters super cute. Keeping in mind to style them properly or I might end up looking like a homeless person lol.

So here are a few easy ideas on how you can style them!

Picture credits to rightful owners.

1. Keep it Basic:

Style your sweater with a pair of jeans/leggings. Pretty simple and basic and easy to pull off!

How to style an oversized sweater

2. The Chic way:

Wear a turtleneck or a shirt underneath. Looks super classy and chic!

How to style Oversized Sweater

3. Add a flare:

Add a feminine touch to it by wearing a skirt.

Styling an oversized sweater

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4. Accessorize:

Now you can totally accessorize a sweater in like 20 different ways but the one that really stands out and is unique is wearing a belt.

Oversized sweaters

These were some of the ways which I really liked and thought of sharing. Hope you liked it!

Thanks for reading!

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9 apps for Bloggers

Hello you! As a blogger, I use a lot of different apps everyday trying to draw Inspiration from or for editing my pictures or publishing my content and to reach the audience. So today I’m going to be sharing some of the apps which I use for blogging. I think these are absolutely helpful and make my job easier!
Now I’m not gonna get all technical with this post. Because well honestly it’s boring. These apps are fun to use, and at the same time get your work done too!

For editing:

1. Afterlight:
Remember how much of a hype this app was back then? Literally every instagram model/youtuber used it. And now it’s just forgotten. But it has some really aesthetic filters and light leaks which I use most of the time. I’m all about making my blog look pretty and aesthetic. I find calm and satisfaction in it lol.
If you’re someone like me who doesn’t properly understand the editing tactics in apps like Lightroom and Photoshop and snapseed then give this a try!

2. Nichi:
This app I use to make collages. It has a lot of templates and stickers and fonts. (Even in the free version!) I use this literally all the time!

3. Canva:
Canva is every newbie blogger’s friend. The free version contains so many different templates for instagram stories, pins for Pinterest, headers and logos. Pretty easy to use, so download it and get creative!

4. Over:
I haven’t really used this app much to be honest, but it has many different templates which could be helpful for making blog posters. It has a huge range of fonts too.
Definitely is time consuming, but once you push yourself to make that edit, it will be worth it!

The socials:

1. Instagram:
Pretty self explanatory! Follow other amazing bloggers and keep updating your blog schedules and timings. That being said follow me on Instagram!

2. Pinterest:
Pinterest is great for ideas and inspiration! At the same time when used right, it can bring a lot of traffic to your blog!
You can find so many different categories of absolutely anything in pinterest.
My board consists of blogging 101, Outfit Inspirations, bedroom aesthetics and many more!
Also if you would like to collaborate with me and make groups together, do hit me up! That would be fun.

3. Twitter:
Twitter is great for blog traffic and keeping up with what’s trending currently. I’m pretty MIA in twitter but I do like updating at times.

4. WordPress: (Duh!)
WordPress obviously because that’s where I blog. App makes things much easier, rather than the website.

5. Milkshake:
This app is used for making an “insta-website” as they like to say it. Basically lets you link a bunch of different websites in one place. It’s very handy, I use this to link in my instagram bio so my readers can go through some of my blog posts and choose which one they want to read rather than scroll through the entire website!

Hope this helped!

Thank you for reading!❤️

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx

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Ways to be productive

Hello! Hope all is well.
By reading the title you might have opened this post to learn a few ways on how to be productive, or you might think that I’m a super organised person to be writing this kind of post… But I’m not!
Honestly I’m the last person to be writing something about productivity. I’m a pro procrastinator. But hear me out! By writing this post I thought I would actually implement these tips into my life as well. You and I could start being productive together eh? And that’s the thought process behind this blog post, so we can be productive together.

Okay so Quarantine has made me super lazy! (You too?) And I think it’s already not fair that 6 months of my life have been so useless and just void, but I can’t keep having the same routine for the rest of however long time this pandemic lasts!
Which brings us to now, let’s be better together! I’m going to share some ideas or tips if you will, which have helped me be productive before and hopefully it does for you too.

1. Write it down:

The first thing I’m going to do is list down all the things that I want to get done for the next day (or even whatever you want to complete by a given time). Now this is always overwhelming for me and I end up adding 26 things to do which is well let’s be honest, not gonna happen! So, take it little by little.

2. Make a to do list:

Now that I know what tasks I have to complete, I will go on to make a to do list.

3. Work through your list:

Don’t add a lot of things too! To do lists are always motivating to make you finish the job. If you have been maintaining a list you would know the joy of striking out the things which you have completed doing! Oh the satisfaction!

4. Push yourself:

I know the change in routine might get tough, but you gotta push yourself. At the same time don’t be too hard on yourself. This is just to get things done. It is not a productivity contest!

5. Reward yourself!

Now all that hard work can’t go unappreciated, be sure to reward yourself after completing. Watch a movie, eat, sleep or just anything you enjoy doing!

I hope you found this helpful! If it did then do like and share!

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx


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Dear Diary

Becoming a plant parent!

So I recently purchased a few plants to kill time. And growing plants is obviously a good thing to do for the earth, so one small step at a time am I right?

I got two Crotons, two Rain lillies, A plumeria, a Dracaena and a Lemon plant! I’ve been keeping them on the terrace.

I guess I could say that I’m a plant parent now? A plarent might I say? 😂
It’s been almost a week now and I find it so peaceful and calm that I am doing this. To watch the plant grow like my own baby lol. Yes, I just called my plant a baby.
I actually spent almost an hour making these label tags. Pretty proud of how cute it turned out to be.

What’s the point of this post you ask?
Just wanted to rant about my latest obsession.

Thanks for reading!❤️

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx


Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award!

Hello there! Hope you’re all well!

I got nominated for Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award by the lovely Anjali from chasingthemaximumlife. I would also like to thank her for her constant support! Thank you so much! You guys should show her some love too❤️

Rules for Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award:

•Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog

•Answer their questions

•Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions

•Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on their blog

•List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo

•Provide the link of the Award creator of the Ideal Inspiration Blogger award as Rising Star from:

My Answers:

1.If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
I swear I can list out hundreds of things lol. But one thing I wish people could stop doing is discriminating others based on religion/caste.

2.When you feel like things aren’t going your way, what would you do?
I cry.
I swear literally anything at all breaks me down😂 But once I’m done with that, I try to think of what I could do to change. Not everything in life can go my way so I make peace with that and just carry on

3.What’s one thing you would like your readers to know?
I would like to give you a positive affirmation incase you were feeling a bit unmotivated or low.

Trust yourself, beleive yourself, you are enough!

4.What would be your dream 3-course meal?
Pancakes/waffles with Nutella, Biryani definitely for lunch and for dinner I’d eat noodles and lots of cakes!

5.If you could give just one piece of advice to a new blogger, what would it be?
Just be you! I know the numbers can be overwhelming and “worry-some” but if you’re ever stressing over blogging just remember why you started it in the first place.

6.What is a post on your blog that you want as many people as possible to see?

I wrote this post on How I practice self-care, and I feel like you guys could get inspiration/ideas from it and look after yourselves too❤️

7.What habit do you have now that you wish you started much earlier?
Recently I have developed the habit of journaling. I wish I had started this sooner it would have saved me from a lot of anxiety and overthinking. It Really helps organise my thoughts and always be clear about what I have to do.

My nominations:

~Nakshu from The Scribble Hive

~Nida from Seeds

~ Sara from Sunflower seeds


~ You!

You guys can use the same questions too!

Thank you for reading ❤️

Until then,

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Things in my Wishlist right now!

Hey guys! How you doing?

Today I wanted to share some of the new things which I’ve added to my already super long wishlist. In hopes that I might get free stuff if my blog grows?😂 That is if I am consistent! Fingers crossed

Anyhoo here are the things which won’t let me sleep at night and are resting in my cart.

1. Solid Sweater from Roadster

I am huge fan of oversized sweaters and sweatshirts. And this sweater looks simple yet look cute on anyone who wears it.

2. Sheer floral dress from Athena

This dress is so pretty I could die.

3. Facial oil from Nykaa

To be honest, I’ve always felt that Nykaa original products were expensive. But this really caught my eye. Although I think I might find some alternative for this which could be much cheaper too.

4. Ankle length boots from Ajio:

5. Red Pumps from All about you:

This colour looks so bomb don’t you think? Definitely an eye catch. A pair of red pumps are always sexy

6. Ring from :

This girl is a sucker for rings. Not wearing rings makes me feel naked lol. Ya get me?

7. Mettle Matte lipstick from Sugar:

This lipstick is so cute :’) I mean I don’t even care about the shade, the packaging itself is so pretty! Ohmygod.

So this was me ranting about the things I want to buy but can’t </3

Someone sponsor me:’)

Haha anyways, Thanks for reading!

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx

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