Purplle Haul+ First Impressions!

Hello there! Hope you’re all well. So there was a sale on and I splurged some money on skin care. The package arrived yesterday, but I couldn’t do the post so here I am sharing my first impressions and showing you what I bought!

I obviously opened the box yesterday because well, I have zero patience lol

Papaya face mask:

Price: ₹79

• This product comes in such little quantity. I expected more out of thud though. I feel like this mask would be over in just one time usage. The packaging looks good and the smell is amazing!

But since I’ve got a “baby face” this could work twice for me.

(I’ll be sure to update!)

Orange gel from Alps Goodness:

Price: ₹79

• I’m gonna say the same thing for this product as well. It’s very less. Does it seem fair to get 29g of products for 80 bucks? I personally don’t think so. If the concept behind this was for the product to act as a sample and make people buy more later, then they should have reduced the price. Or maybe increased the content. But I’ll be sure to use this and write a review for you guys.

Bio almond eye cream from Biotique:

Price: ₹159

• I have been dealing with dark circles for as long as I can remember. My go to Home remedy is using almond oil under the eyes before sleeping. This remedy is slow but it work a hundred percent. I wanted to purchase this because well it has almond which I know will lighten the skin, but since it has added natural stuff I thought I’d give it a try.

Sheet masks from Good Vibes:

Price: ₹99 each

•I got 3 masks from good vibes – chamomile, tea tree and shea butter. I always find sheet masks to be very relaxing and the joy you get after removing mask and seeing the glow lol. The little things in life hehe

Orange powder from Alps Goodness:

Price: ₹52

• This one I’m so looking forward to use because this is really new to me. Apparently it control hair growth, prevents hair loss and dandruff and aides in scalp circulation.

I also received a complementary gift/product from Good Vibes. A small shower gel in water lily flavour. (Do I say flavour? I’m not sure)

So that’s about it guys! Be sure to hit the follow button for the reviews on these products soon! You don’t wanna miss that 😉

Thank you for reading!❤️

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