Dear Diary

How I Practice Self Care?

Hello loves! Been quite some time but here I am with another post 😁
As you can read by the title I will be telling you guys about how I practice self care.
The definition of self care might vary from person to person, I would define self care in three lines:

-Looking after yourself
-Taking a break
-And Doing things that make you happy and feel good.

Here are some things that I do when I’m feeling down:


As I mentioned in the previous post, writing down things that bother you on a paper helps you get a clear picture of the problem. Or whatever it might be. You could either Journal as the old and classic “Dear diary” version or you could try out Bullet journaling which can help you stay organized, let you jot down ideas, doodle and so much more!

Pamper myself

Now I don’t mean spend money by pamper. Pampering is a way of doing stuff that you might enjoy and make you feel good.
What I enjoy doing is put on a face /sheet mask and relax and not do anything. It helps my skin and also makes me feel fresh. I also sometimes do an entire skin care routine.

Watch Movies or tv shows

Make some popcorn and cosy up on your bed with your favourite movie or a tv show. As simple as that.

Talk to a friend

Talking to a friend always makes me feel better.

Look at old photos

Tis always makes me really happy. Going through all the childhood pictures and laughing at the funny ones.

Social media

Could be toxic at times, but also does lift your spirits. Like memes and motivational quotes.

As always, Thank you for reading!❤️

I hope this inspires you even in the littlest way!

Tell me what is your major self care step, I would love to incorporate some new ideas!

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx





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