Dear Diary

Everything I miss pre-pandemic.

Hey there! how you doing? Hope all is well. 2021 started out with things almost heading to the old normal, but then two months passed and then things got way worse. Especially in India. Cases are rising so rapidly here that it’s frightening.

I am writing this post to remind and reflect on the little things that we all did pre-pandemic which we must be missing right now. Hopefully this lightens the mood for atleast a few minutes while reading ❤️

Going Out:

The most obvious one of all. But I miss going out so much. Although I do come from a pretty conservative brown household and wasn’t always allowed to head out with friends (FML) I did go out at times and I really miss it.

Dressing up:

I LOVE dressing up! I find it super fun to put together an outfit, the accessories, the hair and the makeup! I dressed up ‘extra’ everyday to college, I liked standing out from the crowd just by the way I dressed. I am not trying to sound vain here lol. I guess you could say that I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to outfits but moving forward to my quarantined state- I legit wear only tees and sweatpants! Everyday! And it’s scary how “used to” I am to these comfy clothes that I am no longer willing to wear those outfits again.

Offline classes:

Cannot believe I’m actually saying this…but oh how I miss the normalcy of sitting in a classroom pretending to listen whilst actually zoning out. It’s literally the same thing in online classes too but you get what I mean right?

My friends:

I miss being able to see my friends everyday 😦 Although I am pretty grateful that my college re-opened for a short span of three months. I am a final year student so those three months were the last days of my college life. </3

Just basically the old normal:

Not having to wear a mask.

Not having to be paranoid everytime you go out.

Not having to sanitize yourself when you mistakenly touch any object at all.

And so much more!

But, keeping all these things aside it really comes down to us people to actually be aware and smart to not go out unless it’s necessary and when it is necessary to go out, mask up!

Hopefully things get better soon❤️

Those were a few of the things that I miss pre-pandemic, tell me what are some of the things that you miss.

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Thank you for reading!

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx



4 thoughts on “Everything I miss pre-pandemic.

  1. Oh yeah, as someone who works in a coding academy, the lack of in-person classes ever since the lockdowns has definitely changed the way I look at life, lol. Things are so different now, but I guess there’s not much else to do other than to adapt. Thanks for sharing!

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