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Deyga Organics Review

Deyga Organics- A brand that stands on making a hundred percent pure, traditional products which are cruelty free. The brand claims that “every ingredient is handpicked and every product is responsibly crafted

   They were kind enough to send me two of their best selling products. A beetroot lipbalm and a face pack made of rose and mulethi (Liquorice) powder.

Face pack review:
   The combination of two different powerful ingredients together in a face pack worked amazingly on my skin. Liquorice is known for skin brightening and helping in uneven skin tone. And rose powder acts as a natural coolant and helps in wrinkles and dark circles and also brightens dull skin.

Deyga organics

My Experience:
   I’ve used it twice now and loved how my skin felt soft and supple. There was an evident glow to the face. I think it works wonderfully to treat dull skin.

Deyga organics

Lip balm review:
   I found the lip balm to be very moisturising on my lips. It lasted surprisingly longer than any average lip balm. Although I did expect a slight red from the beetroot, there was no tint whatsoever. I am however not a huge fan of its scent. It smelled purely of oils and beetroot, which accounts for how organic their product is and that there isn’t any added chemicals, but personally I did not like the smell. If you’re into vegan and organic products then you would dig this product!

▪️Shop for the face pack here
▪️Shop for the lip balm here


• Works great on dry skin
• Cruelty free, no parabens and no chemicals
• Very hydrating


• A tad bit expensive.

So that it is for today’s post!

Thanks for reading!

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx



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