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Things that make me happy

Hello my loves, you might be wondering what good can it be  to see a list of random things that make some random stranger on the internet happy, but what good is the internet if it doesn’t provide us inspiration from any little thing?

You would think that by now we might get used to the idea of sitting at our homes but honestly, it is exhausting!

So here’s a list of things that make me happy or atleast lift my spirits! And I do hope that you find inspiration from this! Oh and also, do let me know what makes you the most happy in the comments below!

   • Coffee! I could die for coffee! actually no I would die without coffee. This magical drink always manages to lift my spirits up thank god!
   • Sheet masks! I love sheet masks! There’s nothing more calming than putting on a sheet mask and just chill. Even if it’s just for fifteen or so minutes, you can stop and relax yourself and get clarity or even put on your earphones and groove to your favourite songs.
   • Reading: Well I’m a book lover and enjoy reading at my own pace.
   • Dressing up and feeling cute and all that shit
   • Or, dressing down and not worrying about how I look and feeling Flawsome! ( See what I did there?)
   • Listening to upbeat music, oh and more importantly what our me ina really happy mood is listening to old songs which you loved before and basking in nostalgia.
   • Editing : I am definitely not a pro, but recently I tried my hand at making instagram reels. At first it really was frustrating to edit a video perfectly with all the transitions and the music to fit with each other (Mad respect to influencers who upload frequently) but I do play with different filters and it got fun!
(Shooting a video on the other hand is a real pain in the ass!)
   • Pinterest : However could pinterest disappoint anyone?
   • Going through fandom specific memes
   • Taking pictures and updating your custom/ private stories with friends!
   • Skincare routine : Coming from a lazy person, I enjoy following a routine. But of course my routine is very minimal. I only use things which are absolutely necessary for the skin and nothing outside the box. By the way, if you are looking for minimal skincare, click here to read the post I made. Or better yet, click here to watch the video.
   • Writing in a journal : Definitely worth trying if you don’t already. Really sets a clear perspective.
   • Flipping through my old journal entries : Especially the ones where I’ve written by happy memories.
   • Going through old photographs
   • Talking to my friends : They somehow always know exactly what to say to make you happy.
   • Binge watching my favourite tv show.

So these were a few things which I instantly go to whenever I feel down.
As always,
Thank you for reading!❤️
Comment below what makes you happy!

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx



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