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Lash sensational Mascara Or Hypercurl Mascara?

Hello there! Here’s a comparison of two products that no-one asked for. Today I’m going to tell you my verdict on which mascara I prefer the most. Maybelline mascaras are always top tier. However which one should you buy?

Lash sensational Mascara vs Hypercurl Mascara:


Lash sensational: ₹350
Hypercurl: ₹200


Lash sensational: Creamy consistency, longer time to dry

Hypercurl: It has a liquid-y consistency in comparison to lash sensational Mascara. This too takes a while to dry.

I personally feel like it makes my lashes look crisp. Hope that makes sense.
Lash sensational on the other hand makes my lashes look smoother.


Both the Mascaras are long lasting however Hypercurl lasts a tad but longer.


Lash sensational: You can see how there are small ones and larger ones which coats the lashes much more precisely in my opinion.

Hypercurl: Has the bristles of any normal average mascara.

Lash sensational Mascara review
Hypercurl Mascara review

Lengthening & Volume:

Lash sensational: Does a great job in curling and lengthening your lashes.

Hypercurl: Sways much more towards lengthening rather than curling. Tends to clump sometimes.

With all the differences laid out, I prefer the Lash sensational Mascara to be better. Especially the washable one. I’ve tried the waterproof version as well and it was a real pain in the ass while taking it off.

What is your favourite mascara? Let me know in the comments!

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Thank you for reading!❤️

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