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A Court of Thorns and Roses

This book revived my passion for reading! I was always an avid reader, for me it was always “just one more page” or “just one more chapter” until daylight broke and I had spent the entire night trying to figure out the plot of the book. And boy was that feeling amazing!
I don’t know how or when exactly I lost the “oomph” for reading but I did and I found it quite difficult to read a book for hours at stretch which was very easy to me 4 years ago. But I’m glad this book brought it back.
I enjoyed reading this book from the start to the end. Okay so here’s a summary of the book in my own words.

A court of thorns and roses by Sarah J. Maas

So basically, Feyre is a mortal who lives in poverty, she hunts for food to keep her family ( Father and two older sisters- who are total assholes by the way) alive. But she unknowingly kills a Faerie disguised as a wolf. And now she has to live the rest of her life in the Fae Kingdom. A life for a life.

My view:

The protagonist – Feyre, isn’t a damsel in distress. She never seems to follow one single instruction given to her. When the main character, ( Hero) Tamlin tells her to not do something she specifically does it and puts herself in some serious shit and has the audacity to get shocked, like what did you expect girl?

Tamlin who is a Fae High Lord, seems to be a pretty decent and a nice guy who loves and protects her (Don’t worry it’s not a spoiler!) And I liked him although he was kinda boring and bland.

The story itself was steady paced, slow at times but then in the last few chapters, the author literally poured all this information on top of us… Like it was too much to grasp. I would have maybe enjoyed it more if there were bits and pieces of information through out the chapters and not just three pages of information dump yard.

**Spoiler alert**
The part where Feyre had to go through those three trials was all too cliche for me. I mean she was a mortal who destroyed a giant worm with bones…. Y’all that was a little unrealistic. And don’t even get me started on the answer to that riddle! Just why? Why! “The answer to the riddle is…” The fact that Amarantha- Evil queen Amarantha would come up with such a riddle seemed completely out of character. It was too much of a cliche at the end and that’s what ruined the book for me.
Oh and the curse! How did someone carve out a spell so very specifically?? It literally went like “When a mortal with hatred for Faeries kills one and finds herself falling in love with a Fae, the kind of love which can only be proved by saying those three magic words at an auspicious time or the entire kingdom will slave and have their magic ripped away” Um.. Amarantha, did you really have to use this level of specifics? okay I may have exaggerated this part but this is how the curse was!

**End of spoiler**

Rhysand totally struck with me. I found him to be very interesting. (I liked him more than Feyre to be honest!) But then again, I always end up falling for the bad guys, so not a shocker

My rating: 3.5/5
Would I continue along with the series? Totally
Would I recommend this book? Definitely! It’s a good read save for some cliches.

I hadn’t realised the acotar fandom was huge! And I am so enjoying all the memes and tiktoks!

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That’s it for today’s post

Thank you for reading!❤️

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx



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