20 things I learned in 20 years.

Hello! I’m back again with a new post where I’m sharing with you guys 20 things I have learned in 20 years. Hopefully this inspires you!

1. Curb the overthinking
•Overthinking comes oh so naturally to me. Nothing good ever comes out of it. Really disturbs my peace of mind, although I’m still trying to overcome it, I must say I’ve gotten pretty good at being chill now!

2. Live in the moment
•Learning to live in the moment rather than stressing about what comes next was a huge turnover. It really makes you enjoy the little things

3. Take more pictures
•I am the kind of person that would want to take heaps of pictures so that I can look back on them and be happy. I honestly do not understand the kind of people that say “Don’t waste time on taking pictures, just live in the moment!” (Irony included lol)
Okay I hear you but I have like three brain cells and I forget things super fast so excuse me while I take pictures of everything!

4.Dress for myself
Honestly please don’t be that person who criticizes someone for their clothes and makes them change their entire dressing sense. It bothered me before when people commented about my clothes. But it doesn’t anymore. I approve of it and so I will wear it.

5. Trust the change
•Change is the only thing constant in your life. I’m a firm believer of “Everything happens for a reason”.

6. Accepting things as they are
•Trying to mend things which are broken or trying to find answers which aren’t there, is only going to make me keep wanting more. Accept things as they are.

7.Take care of yourself
•Enough said.

8. Stop caring about what others might think
•People will talk no matter what you do, so why not do whatever you like and be content?

9. Always have a Plan B
•Never hurts to have a back up plan!

10. Cutting out toxic people from your life
•Learn when to let them go. You don’t need closure or anything, if all they bring into your life is sadness and blame and toxicity, they need to leave. Even if you’ve put in a lot in that relationship, it doesn’t matter if they don’t reciprocate.

11. Sometimes you just have to have a good cry
•Enough said!

12. Be kind
•Won’t hurt you to be sweet to someone. You don’t know what they are going through.

13. Learn to say no
•Although a lesson yet to be mastered, I’m working on it. You shouldn’t be coaxed into doing something that you don’t like.

14. Go with the flow
•Two years ago I would NOT have imagined the life I am living in right now, the mindset that I have right now, or even the friends that I have now! Stop holding on too tight and let the universe make it happen.

15. But..also plan ahead
•Obsessive planner here! (Anyone else?) I like planning ahead to keep my mind in place. Staying organised helps me a lot.

16. You cannot please everyone

• Not everyone is going to like you, I know I tried. I let people walk all over me just to be in their good books. And that’s not cool.

17. The world can be an unfair place

18. Treat yourself once in awhile
•You deserve to be happy and find joy in the littlest things. Do what you love, take breaks, pamper yourself but treat yourself!

19. Invest your time in skin care
•Your skin will love you for years to come!

20. Love yourself
•Need I say more? Started loving myself first and putting myself first and it’s a great feeling!

And that’s about it for today!

Thanks for reading

Leave a comment to let me know if you guys enjoyed reading it
Until then,

Be Flawsome xx



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