Products I Regret Buying

Hello you! I know I haven’t been blogging from the past 2 months, but with the  determination of (hopefully!) being consistent from now, I’m going to be sharing a few products that I regret buying.

1. Biotique eye cream:

Honestly this product doesn’t do anything at all for me. I’ve read so many reviews on this saying that it’s very hydrating for the eyes, but come on, don’t you feel hydrated when you use a normal moisturizer for your face too? I would give it a hard pass and not suggest it to anyone at all.Biotique eye cream

2. Himalaya Anti hair loss cream:

Yet another product that didn’t live upto my expectations. And I blame my expectations on all the YouTube videos which I watched regarding this product about how it miraculously stops hair fall. Give me a break!
   It absolutely does nothing at all. I used it according to the instructions and sometimes even more. It did not cause any stoppage of my hair fall whatsoever.

Himalaya Anti hair loss cream

3. Lakme concealer stick:

   Do. Not. Ever. Buy. This. The concealer itself dries up in the tube. Heating is always required in order to use it. And once you apply it on your skin it just sits there and doesn’t blend. I really love Lakme products but this stick is an absolute no.

Lakme concealer stick

This picture was taken from Lakme website

4. Good vibes body mist:

   Although I do blame myself for buying a body mist online without being able to test it, I still regret buying it. It has a really strong smell which doesn’t go with my aesthetic. Good vibes body mist cassis base

Hope you guys liked it!
Thanks for reading!

Until then,
Be Flawsome xx

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