My Go-to “Quick fix” Peauty Products

In a perfect world I would wake up with voluminous smooth curls and a glow-y face with amazing skin. Of course that perfect world doesn’t exist.
With a lil bit of help from this and that product, we’re good to go. So here I am sharing two of my “Quick fix” products or holy grail products if you will.

BB cream:

These are great to cover up any marks on the face. Most people choose to use foundation and concealers but I like using BB creams because it does not feel heavy on the face. It manages to hide the marks and at the same time look natural too.

Ponds BB cream The BB cream which I use is from Ponds. It does the work for me. It also has SPF which is great.
Price: ₹150 INR

One tip that I would like to share is, when you’re using BB cream just to cover up some spot on the face, then don’t blend it. Instead just dab. Blending works perfectly when you use it on the entire face. But when it comes to just one spot coverage, blending would does not work as BB creams are already light on the face.

Dry Shampoo:

Thr ultimate “Quick fix” beauty product! This is such a life saver for me. Since I have curly hair and washing my hair often makes my hair super frizzy. Dry shampoo helps me keep off all the grease and make my hair look presentable at least hehe.

Batiste dry shampooThe one I use is from Batiste, in the flavour “floral and flirty”. It smells great so that’s a plus!
Price: ₹650 INR

Thanks for reading!❤️

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx





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