Minimal Skincare (The only Skincare you actually need!)

Remember the good ol’ days when the only skincare we knew and used was a moisturizer, a sunscreen and petroleum jelly? Simpler times no? With so many products coming to light now, it can be quite overwhelming to choose what’s good for your skin and what are the ‘actual’ og products to use.

So I’m going to talk about the only skincare products that you need or ‘minimal skincare’ if you will.
Now these are the sole skincare products that I use in my everyday life.
Granted that everyone has their own unique skin type and needs. And you need to fulfill those needs to keep your skin healthy and happy and for that you need certain products which you have got to use.

But all of these opinions are my own and based on personal experience and hopefully gives you the idea of skincare products which are essential. If you’re a skincare junkie and love hoarding skincare products then you do you girl !(or boy!)

Skincare for beginners

1. Toner/ Cleanser:

Now the reason why I have grouped this together is because toners and cleansers have one purpose – to remove dirt from deep within. So yeah it’s pretty important to have this in your skincare routine.
Personally I love using toners. The one I use is a cucumber toner from Biotique. I have written a review of this product and if you want you can check it out here!
Usage: Everyday- if you go out or use makeup

2. Sunscreen:

Pretty obvious and I cannot stress how important a sunscreen is for you! And if you don’t own a sunscreen I’m going to assume that you’re a vampire.

Check out the review on Aroma magic’s sunblock lotion here!
Usage: Every time you go out in the sun.


Your skin needs to stay hydrated for it to be healthy. No one wants dry skin am I right? So always moisturize!
Usage: Whenever you feel your skin is dry or dull. But also every morning and night without fail!

Skincare for beginners

4. Face wash:

Obvious one. But yeah I had to include it.
Usage: Every damn day!

5. Lip balms:

Lips need the moisture too! I would ask you to use lip balms which have SPF in them.
Usage: Every time your lips feel dry or chapped.

6. Face/Body/Lip Scrubs:

It’s always good to exfoliate once in a while to remove the dead skin cells and just bring the bounce back to your skin. Scrubs also enhance blood circulation.
Usage: Twice for every week.

Lash serum:

Honestly this work wonders! I did speak about a lash serum on a blog post called how to: longer lashes. Do check it out here.
But basically it’s just castor oil and vitamin E capsule. Helps strengthen the lashes and stimulates growth.

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Hope this helped x

Thank you so much for reading!

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx





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