9 Healthy habits to follow

Who here can say that you haven’t been sulking your days away and not whining and complaining about how boring the days are passing by?

Well I for one can definitely say that this is how I am!

The thought of leading this boring routine everyday with nothing exciting to do really hit me and I tried being productive. By being productive, I mean studying and writing down blog posts and planning content. But neither did that bring joy nor did I have something fun to do for the remainder of time.

So I thought of making tiny changes to my everyday life that would ultimately lead to a healthy routine!

Here I am presenting to you a list (who doesn’t love lists?!) Of habits that I’m currently working on/following or atleast trying to!

1. Waking up Early:

I know I know, it’s pretty cliche and probably the hardest one to do in this list for me! But waking up early would actually give more time to get things done.

Think of it this way, why would you want to be asleep when you can be up and about and have more time to yourself?

Make a small change. Wake up 15-20 minutes earlier than your usual time. And then slowly take it up to an hour (or however longer you want) I’m currently pushing myself to wake up 30 minutes early and gosh how hard it is!

2. Write affirmations:

Affirmations It’s so important to have affirmations. Something positive that sets your mind on being inspired and motivated.

If writing affirmations is not your thing, you can always scroll through Pinterest for a bazillion different quotes and prompts and write them down in your journal.

3. Spend some time outside:

Ever since I’ve taken up gardening, I’m always spending my time in the terrace. Although I’m more of a “winter” person, spending time in the sun (not too much sun!) always cheers me up.

4. Eat healthy:

Yet another cliche! And the second most difficult thing in my list. I cannot for the life of me eat healthy! I just can’t. But now that I’m writing this…. Eat healthy kids!

5. Do what you love:

Spend atleast 30-40 minutes everyday doing what you love. Invest your time in doing your hobbies. Not only are you developing your skills but you also feel happy and content. What more do we want other than happiness?

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6. Cleaning?!

I should be the last person to preach about cleaning but since I’ve started following these habits, I’m trying to keep my room clean and organized. Having a clean workspace (in my case, my desk) is so important. When my desk is more clean and organized I feel like my mind and work gets organized too. Hope that made sense? But it works!

Make your bed, clean the room and your desk instead of piling up everything and tidying up at the end of the day. You will have one less thing to worry about before sleeping.

7. Create your daily routine:

Setting up a routine and sticking to it is always good. Not to be completely robotic though! You can always tweak your routine as you please. But having a routine would definitely make you more productive.

8. Plan out the next day:

Imagine this:

You’re all comfy in your bed, ready to fall asleep. But then your brain decides to make up 237 lists/ things to do! But you ignore it and sleep anyway only to wake up and not remember anything at all! I hate that feeling.

Bullet journal ideas

So I always like to plan out my day the night before so my brain can stop it’s brainstorming session and let me sleep in peace!

9. Give yourself a break:

While it’s healthy to follow a routine and get your life together, it is also crucial to give yourself some “me” time. Take a chill pill and watch your favourite movie or put on your sheet mask with music playing in the background!

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Hope this helped!

Thanks for reading 💕





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