How to Style Oversized Sweaters

Hello there! Today I’m going going to share with you guys a few ways how you can style an oversized sweater.

I always find oversized sweaters super cute. Keeping in mind to style them properly or I might end up looking like a homeless person lol.

So here are a few easy ideas on how you can style them!

Picture credits to rightful owners.

1. Keep it Basic:

Style your sweater with a pair of jeans/leggings. Pretty simple and basic and easy to pull off!

How to style an oversized sweater

2. The Chic way:

Wear a turtleneck or a shirt underneath. Looks super classy and chic!

How to style Oversized Sweater

3. Add a flare:

Add a feminine touch to it by wearing a skirt.

Styling an oversized sweater

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4. Accessorize:

Now you can totally accessorize a sweater in like 20 different ways but the one that really stands out and is unique is wearing a belt.

Oversized sweaters

These were some of the ways which I really liked and thought of sharing. Hope you liked it!

Thanks for reading!

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx





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