9 apps for Bloggers

Hello you! As a blogger, I use a lot of different apps everyday trying to draw Inspiration from or for editing my pictures or publishing my content and to reach the audience. So today I’m going to be sharing some of the apps which I use for blogging. I think these are absolutely helpful and make my job easier!
Now I’m not gonna get all technical with this post. Because well honestly it’s boring. These apps are fun to use, and at the same time get your work done too!

For editing:

1. Afterlight:
Remember how much of a hype this app was back then? Literally every instagram model/youtuber used it. And now it’s just forgotten. But it has some really aesthetic filters and light leaks which I use most of the time. I’m all about making my blog look pretty and aesthetic. I find calm and satisfaction in it lol.
If you’re someone like me who doesn’t properly understand the editing tactics in apps like Lightroom and Photoshop and snapseed then give this a try!

2. Nichi:
This app I use to make collages. It has a lot of templates and stickers and fonts. (Even in the free version!) I use this literally all the time!

3. Canva:
Canva is every newbie blogger’s friend. The free version contains so many different templates for instagram stories, pins for Pinterest, headers and logos. Pretty easy to use, so download it and get creative!

4. Over:
I haven’t really used this app much to be honest, but it has many different templates which could be helpful for making blog posters. It has a huge range of fonts too.
Definitely is time consuming, but once you push yourself to make that edit, it will be worth it!

The socials:

1. Instagram:
Pretty self explanatory! Follow other amazing bloggers and keep updating your blog schedules and timings. That being said follow me on Instagram!

2. Pinterest:
Pinterest is great for ideas and inspiration! At the same time when used right, it can bring a lot of traffic to your blog!
You can find so many different categories of absolutely anything in pinterest.
My board consists of blogging 101, Outfit Inspirations, bedroom aesthetics and many more!
Also if you would like to collaborate with me and make groups together, do hit me up! That would be fun.

3. Twitter:
Twitter is great for blog traffic and keeping up with what’s trending currently. I’m pretty MIA in twitter but I do like updating at times.

4. WordPress: (Duh!)
WordPress obviously because that’s where I blog. App makes things much easier, rather than the website.

5. Milkshake:
This app is used for making an “insta-website” as they like to say it. Basically lets you link a bunch of different websites in one place. It’s very handy, I use this to link in my instagram bio so my readers can go through some of my blog posts and choose which one they want to read rather than scroll through the entire website!

Hope this helped!

Thank you for reading!❤️

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx

The Socials:




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