Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick Review

Hey loves! I’m back again with another review.

This post will be a review on Smudge me not liquid lipstick by Sugar Cosmetics.

I love using dark shades of lipsticks (even though girls get judged based on the shade of her Lipstick). Dark shades are so flattering on all types of skin tones and that’s why I love them so.

This Liquid Lipstick comes in a small tube with a black lid. It’s pretty handy. The box also looks artsy and aesthetic looking. (Sucker for aesthetics!)

Price: ₹499 for 4.5 ml

My experience:

I purchased this lipstick when it first came out. I bought the shade “Brazen Raisin” which is a dark blood colour. It’s so dark I love it!

It is super easy to apply in just one swipe. And super difficult to remove too. Okay let me go I order,

It’s very pigmented and application is easy with just one swipe. It takes about a minute for it to settle and get the matte finish. Once it settles, it feels very dry on the skin.

This is how it looks just after applying

How it looks after it dries

If you are using a liquid lipstick, always use a chapstick beforehand.

It stays on for approximately 2-3 hours, but starts fading from the center of the lips. Which of course has to be re-applied.

When you do want to remove it, it’s a pretty tough job. You have to like really scrub it off. That’s not really an ideal thing to do.

I used oil to remove and it did leave stain on my lips and also around them. So removing it is actually a pain in the ass.


  • Very pigmented
  • Easy application- one swipe
  • Stays long


  • Difficult to remove
  • Dry on skin

My ratings: 4/5

As always, Thanks for reading!❤️

Hope you guys liked this post,

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx





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