Dear Diary

Let’s Chat!❤️

Hello guys! Hope you had a good week.
I wanted to write a post just talking about stuff that’s been going on and random stuff lol
I just want to take some time and say that I’m so grateful to you guys for clicking on my posts and taking time to read them, thank you so much you guys💕

I might be lying if I say that numbers don’t matter, they do kind of matter and I recently hit a total of 500 likes on my blog! Probably a pretty small number but this keeps me motivated to keep going.
So thank you!

When will this pandemic get over??
I miss going out with friends 😥 The number of active cases keeps increasing. Insha Allah (God willing) things get better!

So yesterday was One direction’s 10th anniversary! I was looking back and got reminded just how fast the night changes 😉

Haha although seriously time goes away fast. I remember falling in love with this band when I was 11 years old and now I’m 19 ( 20 soon!) and still in love with them ❤️

I started an Instagram page for my blog finally! And I would love it if you guys followed me over there😁

If you guys would like to share anything with me do hit me up without hesitations! I’m a sweet person I swear! 😂 I would love to interact with you bloggers.

Thanks for hearing (or reading) my rant!

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx




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