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Swiss Beauty Drop&Glow Liquid highlighter Review

Hello loves!
This post is going to be a review on a highlighter by Swiss Beauty.
Highlighters help in adding that glow to your face. I personally love applying highlighter on the tip of my nose, I think it looks super cute and completes the look all in all.

Okay so to be honest I’ve never owned a liquid highlighter before, and I wanted to try it out. I came across this liquid highlighter in purplle, As I have done some shopping from over there and their products are really good so I decided to give this a try.

Price: ₹349
The packaging: Comes in a small glass bottle. Has a filler-like lid.

My experience:

I would say that it’s too glittery. I mean highlighters should be glow-y right? But when you apply this it looks like specks of glitter here and there.
Doesn’t blend quite well, and by this I mean that as I try to blend it looks glittery here and there. They have mentioned in their instagram post as it’s “Ultra blendable” but what’s the point of the product blending good when it doesn’t distribute the product evenly?

And too much of product comes out in just one opening.
Although it does feel weightless on the face, so that’s good.

• Affordable
• Super cute packaging

• Too much product comes out
• Leaves specks of glitter

I could make use of this highlighter by adding it to my moisturizer.

My ratings: 1.5/5

So that was my review, hope this helped and you liked it.

As always,

Thank you for reading!❤️

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx




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