My Top 2 Tuesday

Hello guys! How you doin?

I almost forgot that I started a segment called “Top 2 Tuesday”. Oops. Well anyways, I’m doing it now and going to be consistent! (Hopefully!)

So here goes:

1. App: Nichi

I have been using this app for two months now. This is my go-to app for edits regarding my blog posts or pins. I love the aesthetic feel that this app has. It has really eye pleasing stickers, filters, layouts/ templates. And it’s super easy to use. As you might have noticed that I like keeping my blog aesthetic.

My aesthetic is elegance, classy and feminine. Also girly!

Although we don’t have the controls over the filters, it’s pretty and does the job!

2. Mandala coloring:

I am a pro level overthinker. If you don’t tell me something I’ll damn sure assume something totally unrealistic. It was getting to a point where I couldn’t even be happy. I just imagined problems in my head which weren’t even real and started stressing about it. So I read online that meditating could help with overthinking. And I tried meditating and honestly it wasn’t for me. I just couldn’t. So I tried this. Which is also a way to keep your mind busy. I purchased this on Amazon like two weeks back. You can check it out here.
Mandalas seemed so easy to color when I saw but there are actually intricate lines and designs which require your attention.

I’ve not even finished one page yet! But I’m almost done.

And those were the two things that I have been using lately.

Thank you so much for reading!❤️

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx





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