Minimal Makeup (The only Makeup that you actually need!)

We love hoarding makeup don’t we? I’m definitely guilty of it! I am a makeup junkie, I buy so much makeup and end up using them only on some occasions. So I was thinking “What is my makeup need”? Yeah I do love makeup shopping but really, what’s the main thing that I ‘need’?

I’m not forcing my ideas on anyone! If you love hoarding then please go ahead ( I might end up doing it too!) But this post is just a little idea on what actually is the basic makeup stuff.

Minimal Makeup

1. BB creams:

Foundations can be pretty heavy on the face for everyday use. I recommend using BB creams which provide the coverage and do not feel heavy too.

2. Eyeliners:

I LOVE eyeliners! I use them almost everyday when I head out. They define your look so much more.

3. Mascaras:

Mascaras are SO essential! Who doesn’t want their lashes to look super long and sexy? They ‘pop out’ your eyes and complete the overall look.

4. Lipstick/Lipgloss:

The most flexible part of your makeup. Adding that colour can bring out and brighten up your face.

5. Blush:

Don’t you love a ‘natural’ flushed look?

6. Highlighter:

For that glow!

Optional: A nude eyeshade pallette.

Thank you so much for reading!❤️

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx


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