How to: Longer lashes

Hey loves! Hope you’re all well and safe. Today I will be sharing a few tips which I learnt along the way on how to care for your eye lashes.

I think I can speak on behalf of all the girls that we love long lashes. And also how it’s Annoying that a boy has thick and long lashes than a girl! Like? Why God?? They don’t need long lashes give them to us girls!

Anyways guys, Hope you find these tips useful!

  • Oil your lashes: Castor oil is know for hair growth stimulation and strengthening. Use castor oil on your lashes everyday for making them thick.
  • Vitamin E capsules: Vitamin E has loads of different properties. From skin care to hair care.
  • Make your own eyelash serum!

Castor oil+ Vitamin E capsules, store them in a container and use every night before sleeping. You can use an old mascara tube or anything that you find in your house.

I made this serum like two months back, although I can’t say that I’ve actually seen drastic changes in my lashes, I can tell that they are thicker and stronger too!

P.S. this was an old rose water container and the tube is from Maybelline’s mascara and they both fit luckily!

  • Remove your mascara at the end of the day! Don’t go to sleep with your mascara!

So these “How to’s” posts will be small lists giving you guys some easy and quick tips and tricks on anything in general. I’m really looking forward to writing new content!

Thank you so much for reading!❤️

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx





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