Dear Diary

Monthly Highlights – June 2020

Hello there! With this month coming to an end So is my second month of blogging! I’m happy that I chose to start blogging because not only do I get to share my ideas and stuff with you all but it also makes me content and happy!
Here’s a bunch of highlights from this month!

~I completed my semester exams for my second year. And as of tomorrow I’ll be a third year student! So yay me

~I’ve started reading again! I’m currently reading game of thrones and its really good.

~I’ve hit almost 490 views on my blog this month! This means the world to me! And though it might be a small number it’s only my second month and I’m 200 views extra than last month so I’m pretty proud of myself 😁

~I’ve started using Twitter and Pinterest to support my blog. And that’s going pretty great too.
Also self promo: Do follow me there for the fun stuff!
( P.S. If you guys would like to collaborate with me on Pinterest to have group boards together based on our mutual interests do hit me up! I think it would be fun)

Goals for the next month:

•Try to focus on studies more ( Fingers crossed lol)
•Come up with the blogging schedule and post accordingly
•Interact more with fellow bloggers
•Practice more self care


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