4 MakeUp Products I can’t live without!

Hello loves!

One thing that you should know about me is that I’m a makeup junkie. I buy and hoard makeup and end up not using it at times. And the only products that I normally use on an everyday basis would amount upto 5-6 things.

And that is what I’m going to be sharing with you guys today.


I use eye liners so much that people think I’m sick when I don’t use it for a day. I personally think that eyeliners can completely change your look. Make the whole face complete.

The eyeliner which I use and swear by is from Lakme- insta liner. I’ve been using this for as long as I can remember and don’t wish to change too.


You could be all for that “natural beauty” look but a little mascara never killed nobody lol.

(Lash sensational from Maybelline is a great mascara for giving you filler looking lashes)

Lipstick/ lip balm:

Lipsticks have multipurpose they aren’t just used for the lips. You can use them as your blush too or even as an eyeshade. I usually opt for nude shades for everyday use.

( Nude nuance from Maybelline does the work for me)

Some days I skip lipsticks and just apply lip balm and I’m good to go


Now I know this probably doesn’t come under make-up exactly but sunscreen is a really important part of my routine. Please do NOT leave your house without sunscreen ever!

(Recently been trying out this sunscreen from Biotique)

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post,

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx


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