7 things in my wishlist right now

Hello there! I’m back again with another post.

This time I thought I’d share with you guys my wishlist. Mind you, my wishlist is endless and I can’t cram up everything in one post, so here are some of the things that I really really want but I’m broke af

Here goes:

This really cute crossbody bag.

You can shop for it here.

I have a thing for notebooks, I love buying them and not being being able to write anything at all! Well I just found these super cute.

Shop for it here.

Okay how effing CUTE is this sweatshirt??

Shop for it here.

Rhinestone layered earrings. Shop here.

Layered necklace. Shop here.

Also recently I have been obsessing over high neck dresses and tee’s

Shop for the striped t-shirt dress here

Floral bell sleeved dress here.

Thanks for reading!:)x

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx


4 thoughts on “7 things in my wishlist right now

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