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20 things every girl must own!

Hello loves! Hope you’re all well.

In today’s post we’ll be seeing about 20 things that every girl should own. Now these are just my ideas and suggestions, hope you like them xx

  1. A basic white tee
  2. A basic black tee
  3. Black pumps
  4. Dry shampoo
  5. Moisturizer! (Pretty important)
  6. Lip balm
  7. Hair serum
  8. A Classic red lipstick
  9. A nude lipstick (that matches your skin)
  10. A bold berry shade
  11. A planner
  12. Body lotion
  13. Sweatshirt
  14. Hoop earrings (the bigger the better)
  15. Statement necklaces
  16. Crossbody bag
  17. A sundress
  18. Stud earrings
  19. Rings
  20. A signature perfume

Hope this helped:)x

What would you add to this list? Do let me know in the comments<3

Until then,

Be Flawsome xx


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